Every now and then I update my never-diminishing Books To Read List.   It makes me feel invigorated,  anticipating all these riveting chunks of paper I have not yet read.

But then I remember people I know whose houses are full of stacks of Pulizter-prize winning and generally critically acclaimed books.  And they’re self-absorbed, myopic people that do not contribute to society in any meaningful or kindly way.  Maybe to dinner conversations, maybe not even.  And it makes me wonder: is the pursuit of knowledge rendered null/futile if this acquired knowledge does not help you help others?  Is there any point in accumulating knowledge for the sake of knowledge?


assuming there is truth to the worst caricature of Steve Jobs, does his genius justify his asshole-ness? Does his genius make him admirable despite his asshole-ness?  Yes it does, he completely paradigm-shifted us.  No it doesn’t, his inventions created an addiction to the virtual that with every passing day makes us a little less human.


your inner circle cares about what kind of person you are, strangers care about your professional achievements.  Do they both matter equally?

October 20, 2015