Christmas Gifts are Stupid

The whole rush to have a gift ready precisely on December 25th is dumb.  A gift given before or after that date should have just as much meaning.  What is this social embarrassment of not having a gift prepared on December 25th? The romanticism of rushing through department stores (or more likely, feverishly selecting express […]

Sense of Self aka We Are Just Programmed Robots

I was listening to the Fresh Air episode about sense of self, about how there are people that have these super rare disorders that make them think they are dead, or that their own arm is a gross extra appendage.   And while I have heard of these disorders before, it sort of blew my […]

Theater Shows I’ve Watched

Broadway (esque) 1. Phantom of the Opera 2. Aida 3. All My Sons 4. Mary Poppins 5. Newsies 6. Catch Me if You Can 7. Avenue Q 8. Fuerza Bruta 9. Matilda 10. Les Miserables 12. View from the Bridge 13. Warhorse (London) 14. Hedwig and the Angry Inch 15. Spring Awakening 16. Sylvia 17. […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food chart

I don’t know if this is the most accurate one but it’s accurate enough for ME Cooling foods Fruits Vegetables Grains, Legumes & Seeds Meat, Seafood & Dairy Condiments & Beverages Apple Banana Grapefruit Kiwifruit Lemon Orange Pear Persimmon Star Fruit Strawberry Watermelon Alfalfa sprouts Asparagus Bamboo Shoot Bitter Melon Celery Chinese Radish (Daikon) Cucumber Eggplant […]