Christmas Gifts are Stupid

The whole rush to have a gift ready precisely on December 25th is dumb.  A gift given before or after that date should have just as much meaning.  What is this social embarrassment of not having a gift prepared on December 25th? The romanticism of rushing through department stores (or more likely, feverishly selecting express […]

What’s the Point

There is a certain sort of melancholy that comes from knowing the truth.  There isn’t anything wrong with depressed people, it’s just that they see the futility of most human endeavors.  And can’t ignore the fact that hello we are all going to die someday and so is the universe so there will be nothing […]

DJ is a God

gotta love that EDM.   I feel like out of all music, house music is where you have to most suspend disbelief.  Otherwise you feel plain stupid. If you want to be near the DJ, your hand is in the air, as if trying to touch the ONE TRUE BEING, meanwhile colorful light beams shoot […]

I Don’t Mind the Cold

Why I Don’t Mind the Cold I was thinking about this the past few weeks… all small-talk and social media posts have revolved around this curmudgeonly weather and being ready for spring, which puzzled me because it’s been at least 30F out–meaning, it’s about 20-30 degrees warmer than the worst of it! But even when […]

Private vs. Public

Facebook.  Instagram. What is the worst thing about having a publicly private life? The worst thing is to have something embarrassing and shameful happen–words that by their definition require an audience.  Divorce, puberty, vomiting, general falling outs.  Privacy is to protect against the bad.  We do not worry about privacy when everything is going just […]

Repainting your house

You know what’s interesting about choosing a new paint color? And home makeovers? Or makeovers in general? At one point someone may have painstakingly chosen that color, poring over paint chips and catalogs just like you are right now. But today that color is putrid, drab, in need of elimination right away, for a fresh […]