Winter is the Best Time to Eat Ice Cream

Made possible by modern heating. Let me explain: My favorite flavors, those chocolatey, vanilla-y, caramel-y ones, heavy heavy flavors.  Make you very very thirsty.  Even sorbets make me thirsty.  This is not what you want in the heat of the summer.   But in the winter, that is when you crave something rich.  Sometimes/Oftentimes you […]

All the Things I Want to Eat When I can Eat Again

I. hate. canker sores. Pasta: 1. spring pea cavatelli 2. sausage cavatelli 3. pulled pork pasta from Otto 4. sausage papardelle from San Andrea’s 5. tortellini 6. lasagna 7. spaghetti bolognese Pizza 1. Margherita Pizza from Motorino or Pizzateria Brunetti Vegetables 1. haricot verts 2. peas 4. broccoli 5. spinach 6. avocados with cottage cheese […]

I Love Sandwiches

(Sorry, Vegetarians.) Sandwiches are the perfect food.  No utensils needed, the perfect bundle of carb, protein, and/or sauce and vegetables.  Have you ever tried to balance the perfect bite on your soup spoon or fork? In a sandwich, every bit is a perfect bite (until you reach the end of a bun with no burger/dog […]

Home Meals That I’ve Learned

There’s thousands of fancy recipe ideas online, but it’s still not quite the same as being in someone’s real-life home and seeing what they think of for simple week-day meals.  While there are common themes (scrambled eggs), it is also very personal.  If dinner parties are a performance, go-to meals are the behind the scenes […]