Personal Jewelry Ideas

they’re not original, they’re not what I want to sell, but they’re dainty little things that remind me of gum ball machines and cereal box prizes and being a Williamsburg to Big Sur transplant you know those ladies with straight brunette hair and striped shirts and a swipe of garnet-red lipstick and lots of houseplants.

1. Bezel Set Garnet Heart gold Ring
2. Bezel Set Diamond Heart gold Ring
3. Pastel Rainbow Pave Ring
4. Crisp Gold Tag Bracelet
5. Crisp Gold Tag Necklace
6. Bezel Set Round Diamond Ring
7. 6 prong Tiny Emerald Ring
8. Coin disc dangle Bracelet
9. Tiny Gold Ring Necklace on silver chain
10. Tiny puffed heart in gold, platinum, or rose gold
11. Tiny puffed heart in platinum or rose gold paved with diamonds
12.  Tiny gold ball station necklace
12. gold ball with chain looped around it bracelet
13. Horizon circle necklace in silver
14. Horizon circle necklace in gold
15. Horizon circle necklace in silver and gold
16. linked gold rings ring
17. completely round thin wire bangle
18. completely square bangle
19. six prong pink diamond ring
20. tiny gold box chain bracelet