Hot Chocolate I’ve Tried NYC

*Bolded are the ones I like*

1. Vosges (Thick drinking chocolate literally liquid chocolate)
2. Eataly (tiny cup of thick drinking chocolate almost pudding-like)
3. Laduree (milky frothy like a deluxe hot cocoa
4. Zabars (milky but deep chocolatey taste)
5. Le Pain Quotidien (tastes like dark chocolate with milk not sweet)
6. Starbuck (tastes like dark chocolate with milk but a little sweet, not dimensional)
7. Dunkin Donuts (sweet and milky reminds me of preschool pajama parties the where they served hot chocolate with marshmallows in those paper cups with winged handles)
8. Balthazar (nothing special, tastes like Starbucks or Le Pain Quotidien milk with cocoa powder tasting)
9. Fresco Gelateria in the East Village (milky and frothy similar to Dunkin Donuts and Laduree)
10. City Bakery (Thick and Pudding-like with that infamous marshmallow…drink slowly otherwise you might barf)
11. 2Beans (thick drinking chocolate…I don’t know why I don’t like it I think it just tastes like a bar of melted dark chocolate and the cup is too big given the heaviness of the hot chocolate)