The whole rush to have a gift ready precisely on December 25th is dumb.  A gift given before or after that date should have just as much meaning.  What is this social embarrassment of not having a gift prepared on December 25th? The romanticism of rushing through department stores (or more likely, feverishly selecting express shipping from the dropdown menu) on December 24th is a complete waste of resources.   Think of all the harried post office workers rushing around instead of spending time with THEIR family because you couldn’t make the time to make a decision in time –frankly I think that means you don’t care enough (hell, good intentions, etc.) so why don’t you just show up empty-handed because those are your true feelings anyway.

What is this odd ceremony? This systematic dance that we engage in year after year? Only to return the crap on December 26th. Otherwise the stuff settles at the bottom of  clear plastic storage containers bought from The Container Store.  What a waste of labor, of energy, of material.

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December 10, 2016