Cheesecake I’ve Tried (NYC)

1. Paris Baguette: Fluffy, almost angel food cake-y

2. Breads: At first glance and feel it looks too dense, but looks are deceiving, the melt-in-your-mouth feeling is addictive…lemony

3. Fairway: This one got rave reviews from Serious Eats but it tastes like it’s from a grocery store

4. Venieros: you envision a brick of cream cheese (not good)

5. Lady M: Whipped, silky.

6. Juniors: (you envision a brick of cream cheese)

7. Two Little Red Hens: This is the cheesecake imagine the one in Friends to taste like.  The New York Cheesecake fully actualized.  Creamy, but neither suffocatingly heavy nor rule-breakingly light (I love light Asian cheesecakes but they’re kinda cheating…of course cheesecake tastes good if you completely overhaul it).  Perfectly tanned with the perfect hint of lemon and the perfect graham cracker crust

Need to Try:

Eileens famous cheesecake