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Cheesecake I’ve Tried (NYC)

1. Paris Baguette: Fluffy, almost angel food cake-y

2. Breads: At first glance and feel it looks too dense, but looks are deceiving, the melt-in-your-mouth feeling is addictive…lemony

3. Fairway: This one got rave reviews from Serious Eats but it tastes like it’s from a grocery store

4. Venieros: you envision a brick of cream cheese (not good)

5. Lady M: Whipped, silky.

6. Juniors: (you envision a brick of cream cheese)

7. Two Little Red Hens: This is the cheesecake imagine the one in Friends to taste like.  The New York Cheesecake fully actualized.  Creamy, but neither suffocatingly heavy nor rule-breakingly light (I love light Asian cheesecakes but they’re kinda cheating…of course cheesecake tastes good if you completely overhaul it).  Perfectly tanned with the perfect hint of lemon and the perfect graham cracker crust

Need to Try:

Eileens famous cheesecake

Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve Tried NYC

1. Culture (New York Cafe cookie fully actualized, thick, encompasses all three textures crispy, chewy, fudgy pockets of chunk)
2. Jacque Torres (thin disc-like crispy chewy melty chocolate swirled thorughout rather than pockets of chunks)
3. Levain (Scone-like, cakelike)
4. Dominque Ansel (Chewy, Fudgy.  The cookie is chunky and so are the chunks).
5. Breads Bakery
6. Insomnia Cookies (average cookie mix type cookie)


Need to Try
1. Maman
2. Untitled at the Whitney
3. Bouchon Bakery
4. Ovenly
5. City Bakery
6. Baked

Mainstream Fancy Restaurants in NYC

You know, the ones that the Kardashians would go to

1. Marea
2. Le Cirque
3. Le Bernadin
4. Minetta Tavern
5. Spotted Pig
6. Nobu
7. 11 Madison Park
8. Gotham Grill
9. Koi
10. Cipriani
11. Jean Georges
12. Daniel
13. Mr. Chows
14. Per Se
15. Masa
16. Bouley
17. Blue Hill
18. Peter Luger Steak House
19. Gotham Bar & Grill
20. La Grenouille
21. Union Square Cafe
22. Ai Fiori
23. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse
24. Aquavit
25. Babbo

Burgers I’ve Tried in NYC

1. Shake Shack (chain) good: juicy flat-ish patty, potato bun, addictive sauce, a refreshing yet un-distracting lettuce and tomato
2. Steak & Shake (chain) good: thin smashed burger
3. Schnippers: get the Schnipper’s classic with blue cheese and arugula
4. McDonald’s: I’m embarrassed that I still go here once in a while, but it has that classic McDonald’s-y taste…I don’t want to think about what it is
5. Umami Burger (chain): The bun is sometimes too stale and bready, and the heavy reliance on truffle-laced parmesan may be…heavy handed
6. BRGR (chain): juicy, a standard thickness (not smashed thin but not a tall patty), classic toppings–pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato
7. Eats: the patty itself is a little bland but with caramelized onions and cheese it hits the spot
8. Breakroom: one of those burgers that become infamous because of their toppings rather than the quality of flavor itself.  But even with an average-just-fine experience you start craving it a couple months later
9. Brindle Room: deemed the best burger by some list I don’t remember, the discerning quality is the excessive fatty taste–which I’m not complaining about but is sort of a cop out in terms of technique.  I mean otherwise the burger isn’t exceptionally moist or anything and the hand cut fries taste sorta pedestrian.  Anyways I’ll be back again.
10. Mikey’s Burgers: Classic, potato bun, juicy patty, iceberg lettuce.  That perfect cross between fast food and diner.
11. Bareburger: Just a flavorful, juicy, tender burger.  Soft bun. 


Need to Try:

JG Melon
Minetta Tavern
Spotted Pig
Church Street Tavern
NoMad Bar
Ramen Co
P.J. Clarke’s



Popcorn Ideas

1. Nutty Buddy Popcorn (Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate, Powdered Sugar)
2. Gorgonzola Honey Popcorn (Gorgonzola, Mild Honey Comb, Parsley)
3. Chocolate and sea salt Popcorn (Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt)
4. Spicy Nutella Popcorn (Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate, Smoked Chili Powder)
5. Tika Masala Curry Popcorn (Tumeric, Masala Powder)
6. Sichuan Mala Popcorn
7. Furikake Popcorn
8. Fried chicken Popcorn
9. Duck fat Pecorino and Rosemary Popcorn
10. Chocolate and Dried Cherry Popcorn
11. Truffled Popcorn
12. Mustard Popcorn

I Love Chips and Dip

A thick hardy dip scooped up by an equally hardy corn or pita chip. Perfection.

Chips and Salsa

Chips and Guacamole

Chips and Hummus

Chips and Baba Ghanouj

Chips and French Onion Dip

Chips and Sour Cream Dip

Chips and Melted Cheese

Chips and Tzatziki

Chips and Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Just enough to feel like a treat.

Spanish Food I’ve Tried in NYC

1. Boqueria (Pricey, but good)

2. Tertulia (My favorite so far.  flavorful yet comforting and satisfying)

3. Cafe Española (nothing to write home about but will get the job done)

4. El Pote (feels really authentic lots of comforting stewy bowls here)

5. Nai (not amazing but edible Paella too salty)


Need to try

1. Casa Mono

2. La Nacional



Pho I’ve Tried in NYC

1. Saigon Shack (so cheap and huge quantities and generally good quality)

2. Pho Sure

3. Thai Son

4. Pho Bang (I call it the mobster one)

6. An Choi (really good, want to go back)

7. Sao Mai (straight forward to me, flavorful broth but didn’t knock my socks off)

8. V-nam Cafe (the  broth wasn’t the richest, but they did say it was simple.  I like the option to add a fried egg to the bahn-mi.  Won’t be rushing back, but wouldn’t blacklist it either)

Want to try:

Nha Trang One (get tendon)
Com Tam Ninh Kieu
Saiguette (Get the grilled pork shoulder banh mi and Spicy pho udon. They have tripe and tendon)
Pho Grand (try Pho Xue La)
Xe Lửa Vietnamese Restaurant (see if they have softshell crab)
Pho Saigon


Winter is the Best Time to Eat Ice Cream

Made possible by modern heating.

Let me explain: My favorite flavors, those chocolatey, vanilla-y, caramel-y ones, heavy heavy flavors.  Make you very very thirsty.  Even sorbets make me thirsty.  This is not what you want in the heat of the summer.


But in the winter, that is when you crave something rich.  Sometimes/Oftentimes you want hot chocolate, but somethings you want the thick creamy slightly hardier texture of ice cream.  The cooling nature is simply a byproduct, a necessary side effect for textural purposes. I mean, how often have you even had hot chocolate pudding, or hot chocolate mousse? They simply do not exist in hot temperatures on account of chemistry!

Ramen I’ve Tried in NYC

1. Totto Ramen

2. Ippudo Ramen

3. Aijesen Ramen (eh)

4. Kambi (too heavy)

5. Ramen Takumi (eh)

6. Rai Rai Ken  (eh)

7. Momofuku Noodle Bar (eh)

8. Ivan Ramen  Slurp Shop (no)

9. Bassanova Ramen

10. Hide-Chan Ramen (broth was way too salty! Noodles and pork were very good, however)

11.  Menkui Tei (average)

12. Tabata Ramen (the noodles were too thin for my liking and something about it tasted sweet which isn’t my thing)


Want to Try:

Yuji Ramen (150 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn)

Tabata Ramen (40 Ninth Avenue)

Ivan Ramen (25 Clinton Street)

Mei-Jin Ramen (1572 Second Avenue)

Chuko (552 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn)

Minca’s (536 East 5th Street)

Ramen Lab (70 Kenmare Street)