Burgers I’ve Tried in NYC

1. Shake Shack (chain) good: juicy flat-ish patty, potato bun, addictive sauce, a refreshing yet un-distracting lettuce and tomato
2. Steak & Shake (chain) good: thin smashed burger
3. Schnippers: get the Schnipper’s classic with blue cheese and arugula
4. McDonald’s: I’m embarrassed that I still go here once in a while, but it has that classic McDonald’s-y taste…I don’t want to think about what it is
5. Umami Burger (chain): The bun is sometimes too stale and bready, and the heavy reliance on truffle-laced parmesan may be…heavy handed
6. BRGR (chain): juicy, a standard thickness (not smashed thin but not a tall patty), classic toppings–pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato
7. Eats: the patty itself is a little bland but with caramelized onions and cheese it hits the spot
8. Breakroom: one of those burgers that become infamous because of their toppings rather than the quality of flavor itself.  But even with an average-just-fine experience you start craving it a couple months later
9. Brindle Room: deemed the best burger by some list I don’t remember, the discerning quality is the excessive fatty taste–which I’m not complaining about but is sort of a cop out in terms of technique.  I mean otherwise the burger isn’t exceptionally moist or anything and the hand cut fries taste sorta pedestrian.  Anyways I’ll be back again.
10. Mikey’s Burgers: Classic, potato bun, juicy patty, iceberg lettuce.  That perfect cross between fast food and diner.
11. Bareburger: Just a flavorful, juicy, tender burger.  Soft bun. 


Need to Try:

JG Melon
Minetta Tavern
Spotted Pig
Church Street Tavern
NoMad Bar
Ramen Co
P.J. Clarke’s