Forever Glib

I can weed out absolutely awful atrocious writing. But the difference between good writing and perfect writing? I am lost.  Sort of. Perfect: Lydia Davis, Zadie Smith, Alice Munro, To Kill A Mockingbird, Toni Morrison Good: Life of Pi, Kite Runner, Lena Dunham, Nora Ephron, BJ Novak Pretty Good: JK. Rowling Coherent: Leandra Medine, The […]

Young Celebrity

I’ve been sorta obsessed with young celebrity.  That shiny plastic-y kitschy self-aware kinda fame. That Spring Breakers neon feel. Too much $$ and infatuation you don’t even know what to do with yourself. Money Money Money   1. Selena Gomez 2. Kylie Jenner 4. Kendall Jenner 5. Gigi Hadid 6. Bella Hadid 7. Miley Cyrus […]

All the Things I Want to Eat When I can Eat Again

I. hate. canker sores. Pasta: 1. spring pea cavatelli 2. sausage cavatelli 3. pulled pork pasta from Otto 4. sausage papardelle from San Andrea’s 5. tortellini 6. lasagna 7. spaghetti bolognese Pizza 1. Margherita Pizza from Motorino or Pizzateria Brunetti Vegetables 1. haricot verts 2. peas 4. broccoli 5. spinach 6. avocados with cottage cheese […]

Feeling of Awe

Most of the time I feel super jaded and wish I knew what it is like to be excited about something so fully like Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga. Or Gummy Bears, or Pitch Perfect.  Like they were good, but not WOW.   So I decided to make a list of all the things that at […]

Why is Vanity Bad?

Trying to unpack the seventh deadly sin.   1. Staring at yourself in the mirror.  Taking selfies.  Why is vanity bad? Because it means you’re self-involved.  Why is it bad to be self-involved? Because it means you don’t care about others. 2.  Staring at yourself in the mirror.  Taking selfies.  Why is vanity bad? Because […]

DJ is a God

gotta love that EDM.   I feel like out of all music, house music is where you have to most suspend disbelief.  Otherwise you feel plain stupid. If you want to be near the DJ, your hand is in the air, as if trying to touch the ONE TRUE BEING, meanwhile colorful light beams shoot […]