Christmas Gifts are Stupid

The whole rush to have a gift ready precisely on December 25th is dumb.  A gift given before or after that date should have just as much meaning.  What is this social embarrassment of not having a gift prepared on December 25th? The romanticism of rushing through department stores (or more likely, feverishly selecting express […]

Sense of Self aka We Are Just Programmed Robots

I was listening to the Fresh Air episode about sense of self, about how there are people that have these super rare disorders that make them think they are dead, or that their own arm is a gross extra appendage.   And while I have heard of these disorders before, it sort of blew my […]

Songs That Remind me of A Particular Time

Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin: Kindergarten What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong: Kindergarten, this song always made me sad because it reminded me of Sundays Grease Soundtrack: Second Grade my mother would play it every morning while getting ready Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack by Andrew Lloyd Weber : Summer before 7th Grade […]

What’s the Point

There is a certain sort of melancholy that comes from knowing the truth.  There isn’t anything wrong with depressed people, it’s just that they see the futility of most human endeavors.  And can’t ignore the fact that hello we are all going to die someday and so is the universe so there will be nothing […]

Things That Make Me Feel Existential

Basically, anything I like and other stuff -Manicures -Make Up -Decorating your home/Nesting -Interior Design -Walking through Galleries, Museums -Reading Books -Watching TV -Reading about Politics Unless it Relates to Climate Change -Feminism -Fighting against Racism -Arguing against Discrimination -Grammar -Science Fiction -Sports -Updating Social Media -Making Art -Arts & Crafts -Doing Puzzles -Wanting to […]

Personal Pursuit of Knowledge

Every now and then I update my never-diminishing Books To Read List.   It makes me feel invigorated,  anticipating all these riveting chunks of paper I have not yet read. But then I remember people I know whose houses are full of stacks of Pulizter-prize winning and generally critically acclaimed books.  And they’re self-absorbed, myopic […]

Winter is the Best Time to Eat Ice Cream

Made possible by modern heating. Let me explain: My favorite flavors, those chocolatey, vanilla-y, caramel-y ones, heavy heavy flavors.  Make you very very thirsty.  Even sorbets make me thirsty.  This is not what you want in the heat of the summer.   But in the winter, that is when you crave something rich.  Sometimes/Oftentimes you […]